Custom Electrical Control Panel Shop

Power Industrial Controls can design a custom electrical control panel solution to meet your company’s specific power control needs. We have two facilities in the U.S., in West Bend, WI, and Houston, TX, to accommodate your custom control panel design needs, fabrication needs, and service needs nationwide! We service, design, manufacture, and install:

PLC ControlsMotor Drive CabinetsVFD ControlsPump ControlsCooling Tower ControlsMaterial Handling ControlsMotor ControlsOperator StationsAnalog ControlsDistribution Cabinets

Programmable Logic Controls (PLC )

Programmable Logic Controllers- We can develop an industrial computerized control system that will monitor and maintain the state of your electronic input devices and then automate the responses of the output devices based on your production process needs. Call us to find out more about our PLC solutions!

Motor Drive Cabinets

Custom Motor Drive Cabinets that we engineer to meet the needs of your AC motor input and output configurations.

Variable Frequency Drives (VFD Controls)

Variable Frequency Drives- Power Industrial Controls provides you with the highest quality VFD Controls that will optimally meet the voltage frequency requirements of your electric motors.

Pump Controls

Our Pump Controls monitor the performance of your heavy-duty pumps to make sure they continually meet the flow rate needed for your pumping process. We can install float stitches, meters, and pump controls to monitor flow levels, and our switches are engineered to redirect liquid flow to backup pumps as needed.

We also provide high-quality pump control cabinets to house and protect your equipment.

Cooling Tower Controls

Our Cooling Tower Controls monitor and regulate cooling tower water temperatures by controlling the fan and pump operations to control and regulate airflow and pump output volume.

Material Handling Controls

Our Material Handling Controls efficiently control your material handling system while achieving increased productivity with a customized material handling control solution.

Motor Controls

Our Motor Controls control the performance of your electronic motors with a quality motor control system designed by Power Industrial Controls that’s designed to optimize the energy use and operation of your motor-driven applications.

Operator Stations

Let our expert engineers design the perfect operator station customized to drive your systems at optimum and efficient levels to meet your process requirements.

Analog Controls

Power Industrial Controls can design and install an analog control solution to regulate your power supply for quick and easy operator access.

Distribution Cabinets

Let us manufacture and install power distribution cabinets that will distribute the needed electrical power for your process operations to improve operational efficiency.

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About Our Custom Control Panels

Our designed and manufactured control panels meet the highest standards of safety.

 Our Commitment to Quality

We have built our business and our reputation on our high-quality products and professional service. Our design engineers bring their years of training and industry experience into the planning, designing, manufacturing, and installation of your control panel. We perform thorough quality control testing on every control panel to assure the highest quality and consistent performance of each unit.